Why you should not apply for One Hour Pay Day Loans

One hour payday loans are quick cash which could be availed at several banks worldwide, online or offline. Cardholders who benefit from such could withdraw from ATMs and some could get it personally at banks. These kinds of fast cash loans are served with a fee depending on the amount of loan you wish to apply for. This type of loan is helpful yet unadvisable to you especially when you earn a small income. There are numbers of people who have already been a victim of one hour payday loan and have suffered from debt for the rest of their lives. Below are some of the disadvantages of applying in such loan.

One Hour Payday Loan Companies Charge High Fees

Not only are the interest rates of a one hour pay day loan are high but also the processing fees and other charges too. Fast cash loans interest rates ranges from 30 percent to 150 percent of the amount loaned. That is, if you wished to borrow 75,000 dollars multiplied by, say 50 percent, you’ll have to expect that you will only withdraw a total of 37,500 dollars or pay the interest on or before your due date. So, if you earn an income of less than 75,000 dollars a month, you’ll probably be losing too much. They have also lots of agreements to be signed and because you will only be given a short time to borrow the cash and you will not be required to submit a collateral, more fees will be charged.

“Short term” Loans Allows you to pay for a Maximum of 21 days


One hour payday loans as it is described as a short term loan has only 14 days to 21 days for repayment date. If you are a businessman, this is really not so advisable because you write your cash flow and income statement in a one-month basis if not quarterly basis. Fast cash loans will only lead you to miserable debt. Instead of earning for your business, you end up losing more than your profit.


Full Payment is a Must on or before Due Date


Unlike other types of loans, one hour pay day loans will give you headaches. Because you have only a short time to earn for the payment, you will be pressured and stressed thinking of where to get your payment. Your fast cash loan will be like a nightmare to you when the cash you expect to use to pay it will suddenly be out of nowhere. Maybe, you expected to collect that certain amount from someone who owes you. What if he suddenly appeared and tells you he doesn’t have the money because he used it in an emergency he is responsible at? You will totally be forced to withdraw your remaining savings or worst, borrow again to a one hour payday loan lender you know.
You Will possibly be Harassed until you Pay in Full

Your one hour payday loan has solved you first problem. You have paid emergency bills, and brought necessary household equipment  But, you cannot pay before due date so you have to tell your fast cash loan lender. You will then start to receive harassing calls and your record as a borrower will be in bad situation. The one hour payday loan company may leak that record to other lenders and you will be blocked. So, you did not only end up having a surprisingly high debt, but also a miserable life answering those calls and explaining yourself around other people.
Most of government employees around the world are prone to failing in good financial management because of one hour payday loans. Some businesses also went bankrupt and end up selling their investments to pay for their fast cash loans. Others fall to depression for losing their businesses. So, in order to be debt-free, you should try your best not to avail of such loans for you will only regret it in the future. There may be lists of advantages for applying for one hour payday loans and numbers of reasons to do such but remember that when you borrow fast cash, you have to be ready to face these consequences too.

Author: Charlyn June F. Lidua


Things to Consider Before Applying for One Hour Unsecured Personal Loans

Our economy has affected the people much with the taxes getting high, raising prices of goods, rapid growth of unemployment rate, and many other reasons. With this situation, the businesses offering one hour personal loans have boosted. They have attracted several business owners and government workers. Their strategy of serving quick cash loans is their number one asset. Many of their borrowers are not considering the consequences of doing so and could not refrain availing for these services.

One hour personal loans has already reached the modern technology and even marketing their services online. In this manner, more and more people are risking their income by applying in this quick cash loans. Unexpected bills such as car repair, hospitalization fees, and additional tuition fees could be your number one reason in seeking for one hour personal loan service. Your income may not be enough to handle such emergency financial needs. We have gathered you some things to consider before applying for an unsecured personal loan.

1. Your personal information will not be provided security including your house and car when you apply for quick cash loans. Your creditor will have the right to search for all of your credit history running down databases and checking your credit rating. So, it is always best to check your credit report before applying for such an unsecured personal loan so that you will know if what creditor you are qualified to apply to.
2. The interest of an unsecured quick cash loan in not deducted with tax. If you want a loan that is tax deductible, you better apply for other loans. One thing more, the interest rate of this kind of loan is much way higher than the other types of loans offered.
3. There are three C’s also to be considered by your lender before your application will be granted. These are your:
• Character (What kind of a person are you?)
• Capacity (What can you afford); and
• Credit (How well do you meet your financial obligations?)

4. Personal loans are costly so you have to have a reliable source of income to pay for it before your day of repayment. If you fail to pay this, your car or house may be endangered and repossessed by your lender. That would be a great loss.

5. Try to have a research on quick cash loan lending companies. A bank may offer lower interest rates and charges than a loaning agency.

6. Before you ask a quick cash lending company for an application, you have to make sure that you really need the money. Do you have no other alternatives like a family member who can lend you in a lower interest rate?

7. Check your budget too. Try to list everything that you spend your salary with. Rank them to the most priority and try eliminating things which are not really useful to you. You may not have a facial this month, or may not visit the gym for a while, or try to do some household chores you can handle and give your housekeeper a month vacation. Sum up what is you can save and see if it cannot still provide what you need.


Being the master of your income, you have to be the wisest man on earth to well-manage it. Organize things accordingly. Create a monthly budget and check your spending habits. If your income is low, then you should probably spend less. Consider that availing for an unsecured personal loan is like solving a major problem which needs a proper decision-making.

Author: Charlyn June F. Lidua

Why Choose a No Teletrack Payday Loan Lender

There are numbers of fast payday loan lending companies which could be found online. One of these are lending agencies offering no teletrack payday loans which does not need to track your credit records unlike the unsecured payday loan. You have to be wise in selecting your lender and here reasons why you should choose companies offering no telecheck payday loans.

1. No faxing required. When you say no faxing, only the most important detail about a borrower is gathered like for example the complete name, address, mobile phone, billing information, bank account and others. You do not need to scan important documents such as banking transactions, certifications, etc. You will only be required to submit documents which do not require a fax machine before your payday loan will be approved.

2. Direct deposit of money. Once your application for the payday loan is approved, they will deposit your borrowed amount directly to your bank account. And during repayment period, you need not to pay your loan personally. The company will be sending you their online payment system such as credit card system or PayPal where you can directly send your payment or they will be the one to withdraw the same amount. You do not need to be bothered as to when is the repayment date for the payday loan but, your bank account will not be 100 percent secured and you need to make some necessary actions after the transaction is finished. In that manner, you will see to it that after paying your quick cash loan, no one can withdraw from your account aside from you.

3. Bad creditors are served with no teletrack payday loans. Even if you have a previous bad credit history, the company can give you the privilege to apply for this type of loan. They have their own way of handling this situation. When you apply for a quick cash loan, they base their approval on the amount of loan you are applying for, if how much you are willing to pay, and how much will they earn, of course. Meaning, this type of loan is definitely more costly than the other loans.

4. There are qualified borrowers. No teletrack payday loans may require you less information but they have a requirement for each borrower. You have to:

• Have a personal bank account;
• Have a fixed income (meaning you have a permanent job or an established business);and
• You should be of legal age, of course
As to the personal bank, quick cash loans are directly deposited to your bank accounts so whether you like it or not, you should provide them with the information. A fixed income in required to have a higher surety for the no teletrack payday loan to be paid.
Availing for faxless or no telecheck payday loans are much easier as you have read it. It gives you lesser time to apply, needs lesser documents to be submitted and lesser effort but, the lesser the effort the lesser the security for your financial account. If you have not paid your repayment too, you will be burying yourself to a terrible debt. Your interest will multiply as long as you settle your quick cash loan. You need to have a fixed income in order to avail of the service and if you are disabled, they may find a way to make things easier for you. They will do this by asking you of your current assets wherein you will no longer be applying for a no teletrack type of payday loan. Therefore, it is still best to check for types of loans where you will be secured, your account secured, and you can establish a two-way trust relationship with your lender.

Author: Charlyn June F. Lidua

Top Stories from One-Hour Payday Loan Customers

Availing of fast cash payday loans is a lot of help to people who are very much in need of cash in a short period of time. You may have no other alternatives to fulfill your financial needs and have a short span of time to look for other types of lending agencies which could offer you other kinds of loans aside from quick cash loans. Because we want to help you realize that availing of these loans are inadvisable and too much costly, we have gathered here stories from people who have experienced how hard it is to be trapped in a debt they never imagined to become traumatic.

1. These loans are for people who have low income. Most earners who receive more do not need to apply for such loans because they have their savings account where they could withdraw amounts of money they need in times of emergencies. One customer has applied to a quick cash payday loan because he needed to fix his house that was damaged by natural calamity. He is earning less than 15,000 dollars a month and he applied for a one hour payday loan which has an interest rate of 400% a year. He has failed to pay this on the due date which has caused him to have more liabilities. He has suffered from his quick cash payday loan for more than ten years and has paid more interest than what he has borrowed.

2. Beware of one hour payday loan scams. Several clients have already been victims of scams from quick cash loan lending companies. Here are some ways to check of the agency is not a scam.
• No upfront payment – Of course you will be applying for a fast cash payday loan because you need that amount of money immediately. You will then be surprised if you will be required to deposit any upfront payment. Upfront payments are fees to be paid in advance like payment of say 5% of the loan amount aside from the interest rate and other charges. Remember, most scams really ask for upfront payment so once you encounter such, be warned and think twice.
• Spam emails – Legit payday loan companies do not send spam messages to e-mails. They publish their advertisements to reputable websites and wait for you to go directly to their page and personally send your queries. Availing of one hour payday loans directly to the company responsible is a great suggestion.
• Do research – Be patient in searching for top agencies which offers quick cash payday loans. Join forums of customers who have already availed of their services. Of course, the agency will not publish negative comments about them so you will just see positive reviews. Try to find the customer’s personal e-mails and send them private messages to ask more information about the services of that company you wish to apply your fast cash payday loan to.
• Try to apply for other online financial companies who could help you transact with the lending agency. It is advisable for you to have a PayPal account or Western Union branch in the place exclusively for your payday loan transactions. You will not be dealing with your legit lending company face to face so you better not give your banking information to avoid hackers.

3. Another story involves a borrower who trusted a lending agency and gave his personal banking information for the purpose of his fast cash payday loan. The company asked for an upfront payment of 12% of his loan amount which is huge. The customer, who is much in need of cash did not hesitate and gave the upfront payment. Later, he found out that the agency has once been sued for offering a scam quick cash loan business. He filed another complaint and ended unpaid.
It is true that one hour payday loans offer help to people who use it but we could see that there are more consequences that the benefits. Let us learn from these stories and try not to be one of them.

Author: Charlyn June F. Lidua

Top 10 Companies Offering Legit Payday Loans

The internet industry has brought billions of online users. Some are entrepreneurs trying to boost their business by going online like online payday loan agencies. Some are clients trying to search everything on the internet instead of going personally to a company’s building. Because of these, lending companies have gained more and more customers. Still, scams are out of control because several people are still directed to untrustworthy payday loan lending sites. We have listed you top ten leading companies offering legit services on one hour payday loans.
1. Cash Central.com
Cashcentral offers a one day quick cash payday loan with a fee of 18 dollars for every 100 dollars. It is a legally registered agency with a total of 20 years in the service for lending fast cash loans. This lending company has a page for customer reviews and has gained thousands of views from them. They also offer a 24/7 service so you can contact them for emergency anytime of the day seven days a week.

2. Checkcity.com

This fast cash payday loan lending company requires 17 dollar fee for every 100 dollar. You get your quick cash on the next day and this is a no telecheck lending agency which has already reached 65 branches. They offer services such as:
• Cash Advance
• Check Cashing
• Installment Loans
• Installment Title Loans
• Title Loans
• Free Money Orders
• Netspend Prepaid
• Prepaid Phone Cards
• Gold Buying
• Money Transfers
• Insurance
• Mortgages
• Tax Services
• Payday Loans
3. Cashone.com
This is a one hour payday loan lending agency which offers a no teletrack service. It has its own website which contains page for positive feedbacks and a separate page for clients to raise their complaints. They have also integrated a loan calculator software wherein you can personally compute how much cash you could avail for your quick cash payday loan. You may use their page for schedule of fees. They have explained in detail how you will compute your own loan amount by using the formula given.
4. Paydayloantoday.com
This is another direct payday loan lending company offering one day quick cash loans. Here are some requirements to qualify for their service:
• A minimum monthly income of 1000 dollars
• Have no more than two outstanding payday loans
• A permanent employee
• Have payroll direct deposit in checking account
5. Checkngo.com
A total of 25 dollars for every 100 dollars is charged for checkngo’s fast payday loan services. It also serves other services such as Installment Loans, Cash Advance, Title Loans, and others. It has installed an online security system which ensures users full security in all information they share with the lending company

6. Speedycash.com
Speedycash is a fast and direct payday loan company offering several other types of loans. It requires 25 dollars of fee for every 100 dollars and is a no telechecking fast cash advance loan agency. It is envisioned to grow to up to 250 stores in the US, Canada, and UK.

7. Qloot.com
This quick cash payday loan agency is offering their service with a total of 25 dollars for every 100 dollars. They are affiliated with DMA Financial Corporation for security purposes on all information a customer will provide. There is a page in their website where you could read all the terms and what information you are entitled to limit.

8. Delawarefastcash.com
Delawarefastcash is serving one hour payday loan in cash. It requires a 30 dollar for every 100 dollar loan and is a no teletrack lending agency.

9. Paydayone.com
You can avail of a quick cash payday loan at Paydayone in 24 hours. The fee is up to 30 dollars for every 100 dollar. They provide 24/7 service wherein you can login to your account and check your balance anytime you want.

10. Cashnetusa.com
Cashnetusa, as a direct payday loan lender is client friendly. It has a 24/7 live chat and forum. It also offers referral earnings and you could get up to 25 dollars per referral who applied for a loan.
With the growing number of lending industries offering one hour payday loans, you got be wiser than your lender. These lists are just sorted out from research and most visited payday loan websites.

Author: Charlyn June F. Lidua

Kiss me When I Fall by: Tara Oram


Your face is like a blank page
Of a novel that I’ve read a thousand times
Line by line
I can’t help but wonder how the story goes
When you let me see
What you had underneath
You’re hard to read that I’m way out in the open
I’m tired of hanging on

You gonna kiss me when I fall?
Will I’ll end here in your arms
Oh baby look at me
I’m out on the ledge thinking on jumping
But I need to know before I risk it all
You gonna kiss me when I fall?

You blew me in with careless signs
And whisper words that get me every time
No it ain’t right
Just once I’d like t to know the hand

You’re holding for I go a place, my bad
Cause I’m all in
But you’re so hard to read
And I’m way out in the open
I’m tired of hanging on

You gonna kiss me when I fall?
Will I’ll end here in your arms
Oh baby look at me
I’m out on the ledge thinking on jumping
But I need to know before I risk it all
Are you gonna kiss me when I fall?

Oh baby
I’m out on the ledge thinking on jumping
But I need to know before I risk it all
Are you gonna kiss me when I fall?
When I fall.

The Blogging World Helps…

… When You Could not Think Right

Woke up at 6am (late) which kept me rushing my household chores to get done before I would be late for office (again).

November is really cold here in our place and I feel so lazy to do my works.

I arrived at the office at exactly 8am, thinking what to do first. My work mainly concentrates on website development. I manage the website design and content of our municipality’s website.

Today is Friday, and I don’t want to end the week thinking of all my works undone. It started this way. I have already programmed my activities for this week only to find out that the first two days (Monday and Tuesday) will be my rest day. I say MY rest day because there was a power interruption. They have to recheck old posts and replace them with new ones. All I have to do to utilize the day was to clean the office and do other clerical jobs my boss asks me to. Though, those two days worth a day of work, I am still worried about the website issues which I could have finished if only there haven’t power interruptions. Today, I am really bothered. My schedule was totally messed up. Now, I don’t know how to cope up with it.

I, then decided to visit my blog, because it is what I do when I am worried with something. I check new things inside the blogging world and read out all my worries until I feel okay again.

Now, I have finished reading six posts and I am totally relieved. I decided to share this experience just to express what I feel about the blogging thing. I can now start with my work, do things according to priority and reschedule undone tasks for next week.

Harry Potter Series Plots (from Wikipedia)

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Harry Potter is a seemingly ordinary boy, living with his hostile relatives, the Dursleys in Surrey. On his eleventh birthday, Harry learns from a mysterious stranger, Rubeus Hagrid, that he is actually a wizard, famous in the Wizarding World for surviving an attack by the evil Lord Voldemort when Harry was only a baby. Voldemort killed Harry’s parents, but his attack on Harry rebounded, leaving only a lightning-bolt scar on Harry’s forehead and rendering Voldemort powerless. Hagrid reveals to Harry that he has been invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After buying his school supplies from the hidden wizarding street, Diagon Alley, Harry boards the train to Hogwarts via the concealed Platform 9¾ in King’s Cross Station.

On the train, Harry meets Ron Weasley, a boy from a large, but poor, pure-blood wizarding family, and Hermione Granger, a witch born to non-magical parents. Once they arrive at the school, Harry and all of the other first-year students are sorted into four different houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. As Slytherin is noted for being the house of darker wizards and witches, Harry successfully begs the magical Sorting Hat not to put him in Slytherin. He winds up in Gryffindor, along with Ron and Hermione.

At Hogwarts, Harry begins learning wizardry and also discovers more about his past and his parents. Harry inadvertently makes Gryffindor’s Quidditch team (a sport in the wizarding world where people fly on broomsticks) as a Seeker, learning that his father was also a member of the team.

One night, he, Ron, and Hermione find a giant three-headed dog on a restricted floor at the school. The trio successfully take down an escaped mountain troll and after Harry is nearly knocked off his broom by a powerful curse during one of the Quidditch matches, the trio assume that someone is trying to get past the dog. Harry discovers the Mirror of Erised which shows a person’s heart’s desire. The headmaster Albus Dumbledore moves the mirror and advises Harry against looking for it. Using information accidentally let slip by Hagrid, Hermione discovers that the dog is guarding the Philosopher’s Stone, an item that can be used to grant its owner immortality. Harry concludes that his potions teacher, Severus Snape, is trying to obtain the stone. Harry is caught out of bed at night and is given detention. While helping Hagrid in the dark forest Harry sees a hooded figure drinking a unicorn’s blood for its healing properties. Harry concludes that the hooded figure was Voldemort and that Snape is trying to get the stone to restore Voldemort to full strength.

After hearing from Hagrid that the dog will fall asleep if played music and that he let slip this to a man in the local pub one night, Harry, Ron, and Hermione decide that Snape was the man in the pub and attempt to warn Dumbledore. Upon learning he is away on business the trio conclude that Snape will attempt to steal the stone that night and resolve to find the stone before Snape does.

They face a series of obstacles: surviving a deadly plant, flying past hundreds of flying keys and winning a violent, life-sized chess match. The trio use their skills to overcome the obstacles. Hermione uses her knowledge of spells to get past the plant, Harry uses his skills as a seeker to get past the keys and Ron uses his skill at chess to win the chess match. However, Ron is nearly killed in the match and Hermione stays with Ron as Harry goes on ahead, alone.

In the final room, Harry finds out that it was not Snape who wanted the stone, but Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher Professor Quirrell. Quirrell reveals that he let the troll in and tried to kill Harry in the Quidditch match. He also reveals that Snape has been protecting Harry and trying to stop Quirrell all year. Due to an enchantment placed by Dumbledore, Harry finds the stone in his pocket after looking in the nearby Mirror of Erised. Quirrell removes his turban and reveals Voldemort to be living on the back of his head. Harry tries to escape but Quirrell starts a fire by clicking his fingers to surround Harry. Voldemort tries to convince Harry to give him the stone by promising to bring his parents back from the dead, but Harry refuses. Quirrell tries to kill him but Harry’s touch prevents Quirrell from hurting Harry and causes his hand to turn to dust. Quirrell then tries to take the stone but Harry grabs his face, causing Quirrell to turn into dust and die. When Harry gets up, Voldemort’s spirit forms and passes through Harry, knocking him unconscious, before fleeing.

Harry wakes up in the school’s hospital wing, with Professor Dumbledore at his side. Dumbledore explains that the stone has been destroyed, and that both Hermione and Ron are fine. Quirrell burned at Harry’s touch because, when Harry’s mother died to save him, her death gave Harry a magical, love-based protection against Voldemort. At the end of year feast, Dumbledore gives last minute house points to Harry, Ron, Neville and Hermione for their bravery and smarts so Gryffindor win the house cup. Before Harry and the rest of the students leave for the summer, Harry realises that while every other student is going home, Hogwarts is truly his home.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Preparing for a visit from Uncle Vernon Dursley’s boss, the Dursleys send Harry to his room. Harry finds Dobby the house elf, who warns against returning to Hogwarts. When Harry refuses, Dobby causes havoc in the house and frames Harry for ruining Vernon’s meeting. Vernon locks Harry in his room to prevent his return to Hogwarts. Ron, Fred, and George Weasley arrive in their flying car to rescue Harry and take him to The Burrow, their home. Harry meets Ron’s younger sister, Ginny, who is about to begin at Hogwarts and has a crush on Harry. Harry also meets Ron’s father, Arthur Weasley; he had met Mrs. Weasley the previous year. Harry and the Weasleys travel to Diagon Alley by Floo Powder. While shopping, Harry meets Gilderoy Lockhart, a famous wizard and author, and later Draco Malfoy and his father, Lucius, who praise Voldemort and deride Harry, Hermione and the Weasleys.

At King’s Cross Station, though the rest of the Weasleys reach Platform 9 3/4 without trouble, Harry and Ron find the magical barrier blocked; as a result, they miss the Hogwarts Express. Harry and Ron take the flying car and reach Hogwarts, but accidentally land in the school’s Whomping Willow. Ron’s wand is broken and the car behaves erratically, ejecting the boys and driving itself into the Forbidden Forest. When Harry and Ron enter Hogwarts they are seen by Snape, who scolds them for flying the car to Hogwarts and nearly expels them. Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore arrive and McGonagall defends the boys and tells them they will receive detention only.

Shortly after the start of term, Harry begins hearing an ominous, icy, cold voice coming from inside the walls, starting in his detention with Lockhart. Harry, Ron and Hermione find the message “The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir, beware” written in blood across a wall and discover that caretaker Argus Filch’s cat has been petrified. Legend has it that the Chamber of Secrets can only be opened by the Heir of Slytherin; it is said to be the home of a creature that will only obey the Heir. Harry suspects the Heir is Malfoy. Gilderoy Lockhart, hired to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts, offers a dueling club. At the meeting Draco conjures a snake that Harry discovers he can talk to. Hermione explains that he is a Parselmouth like Salazar Slytherin, a connection that causes the school to believe Harry is his Heir. The three brew Polyjuice Potion to disguise themselves as Malfoy’s friends Crabbe and Goyle, and interrogate Malfoy, but learn that he is not the Heir.

In a bathroom Harry finds a book with nothing written in it that belonged to someone named Tom Marvolo Riddle. Through the enchanted book Harry sees events that happened fifty years ago when Tom was a student. Tom’s memories incriminate Hagrid as the Heir.

Over the course of the school year, Colin Creevey, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Hermione and even the Gryffindor ghost Sir Nicholas are found petrified, and Tom Riddle’s diary goes missing. Harry and Ron decide to see Hagrid, but before they can speak to him Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge and Lucius Malfoy arrive. While Ron and Harry hide, the visitors tell Hagrid they are suspending Dumbledore as headmaster and arresting Hagrid under suspicion of having opened the Chamber. Before Hagrid is taken away he tells Ron and Harry to follow the spiders into the Forbidden Forest for the truth. They do so and meet Aragog, a giant spider thought to have killed a student fifty years ago. Aragog reveals that he is not the monster who killed the student and that Hagrid is innocent. Aragog’s sons and daughters attack Harry and Ron, but the flying car rescues them.

Harry and Ron learn from a piece of paper in Hermione’s hand that the monster is a basilisk and overhear the teachers saying that Ginny has been taken into the Chamber. Lockhart is sent to find the Chamber and save Ginny, but tries to escape until Harry and Ron catch him. It turns out Lockhart’s past is false; he used memory-erasing charms on witches and wizards to take credit for their accomplishments. The three find the chamber entrance in Moaning Myrtle’s (the girl who died the first time the Chamber opened) bathroom and enter to find a giant snake skin. Lockhart tries stopping Harry and Ron using a memory charm, but it backfires. Lockhart loses his memory and part of the Chamber caves in, separating Harry from the others. Harry finds Ginny and Tom Riddle appears, explaining that he is a memory preserved in the diary. Riddle tells Harry that he is taking over Ginny’s soul so that he may regain power. Harry learns that Riddle is Slytherin’s Heir and is Lord Voldemort in his teenage form. Riddle sends the basilisk to kill Harry but Dumbledore’s phoenix, Fawkes, attacks the basilisk’s eyes. Fawkes gives Harry the Sorting Hat, in which appears the Sword of Godric Gryffindor. Harry impales the basilisk in the roof of its mouth, killing it. However a fang stabs his arm.

Harry destroys Voldemort/Riddle by piercing the diary with the fang. Ginny regains consciousness and finds Harry dying, but Fawkes heals Harry’s wound with his tears. Dumbledore is returned to the school and Hagrid is released from Azkaban. Dumbledore assuages Harry’s concerns of his worthiness to belong to Gryffindor House by pointing out that only a true member could have summoned Godric’s sword. Learning that Lucius gave the diary to Ginny and that Dobby serves the Malfoys, Harry tricks Lucius into freeing him from servitude. Everyone who has been petrified is restored. At the year end’s feast, Hagrid is welcomed back by a roaring applause.

In a post-credits scene, a new Gilderoy Lockhart book is on display at Flourish & Blotts, entitled “WHO AM I?” and depicting an amnesiac, confused Lockhart in a straitjacket.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter is at the Dursleys’ for the summer, spending his time studying new spells undercover. When Uncle Vernon’s sister, Marge, comes for a visit and infuriates Harry by insulting his parents, he accidentally causes her to inflate and fly away. Harry loses his temper and threatens to curse Vernon but flees, fed up with his life at Privet Drive. The Knight Bus appears and delivers Harry to the Leaky Cauldron, where Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge tells him he will not be arrested. During the summer, his friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger go to the Leaky Cauldron too. Harry also learns that Sirius Black, a convicted supporter of Lord Voldemort, has escaped Azkaban prison and is likely intending to kill Harry.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione head back to school on the Hogwarts Express. They unknowingly share a compartment with the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Remus Lupin. When the train abruptly stops, Dementors (the guards of Azkaban) board, searching for Black. Harry faints when one Dementor enters their compartment, but Lupin repels it with a charm.

At Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore informs students that the Dementors will be guarding the school while Black is at large. Professor Lupin is introduced, and Hagrid is announced as the new Care of Magical Creatures teacher. Lupin’s lessons prove enjoyable; he focuses on practice, not just theory, and encourages less confident students such as Neville. However, Hagrid’s first class goes awry when Draco Malfoy deliberately provokes the Hippogriff, Buckbeak, who then attacks him. Draco’s father Lucius Malfoy has Buckbeak sentenced to death.

During a Quidditch match, several Dementors approach Harry, causing him to fall off his broomstick, which is destroyed by the Whomping Willow. Lupin teaches Harry to defend himself against Dementors with a Patronus charm. Because Harry lacks parental permission to visit Hogsmeade, Fred and George (who intercept him despite his invisible cloak due to his footprints in the snow) give him their Marauder’s Map, a magical document showing every person’s location within Hogwarts, as well as secret passageways in and out of the castle. At Hogsmeade, Harry overhears that Black is his godfather and was his parents’ best friend. Black was accused of divulging the Potters’ secret whereabouts to Voldemort and murdering their mutual friend Peter Pettigrew. Harry vows to kill Black.

As Harry is leaving his Divination final exam, Professor Trelawney enters a trance and predicts that the Dark Lord’s servant will return that night. Later, Harry, Ron, and Hermione visit Hagrid to console him over Buckbeak’s impending execution. While there, they discover Scabbers, Ron’s missing rat. Fudge, Dumbledore, and an executioner arrive at Hagrid’s to carry out Buckbeak’s execution, and the three students hurry away to avoid being discovered. Scabbers suddenly bites Ron and escapes, the trio chase him. A large dog appears and drags both Ron and Scabbers into a hole at the Whomping Willow’s base. Harry and Hermione follow them through an underground passage to the Shrieking Shack.

There they discover that the dog is actually Sirius Black, who is an Animagus. Harry attacks Black, but Lupin arrives and disarms Harry. After exchanging a few cryptic words with Black, Lupin then embraces him as an old friend. When confronted by Hermione, Lupin admits to being a werewolf, and he and Black begin to explain that Black is innocent. Professor Snape bursts in, intending to hand over Black to the Dementors, but Harry, having begun to believe Lupin and Black, knocks him out with a spell. Lupin and Black explain that Scabbers is actually Peter Pettigrew, an Animagus who committed the crime for which Black was convicted.

Lupin and Black force Pettigrew back into his human form preparatory to killing him, but Harry intervenes saying that his father, James Potter, would not have wanted his two best friends to become killers. Pettigrew was then to be turned over to the Dementors. As the group heads to the castle, the full moon rises; Lupin transforms into a werewolf, and Pettigrew manages to escape. Lupin and Black fight in their animal forms, until Lupin is distracted by another animal’s howls. Dementors attack Black and Harry. As Dementors are preparing to suck out their souls & perform the Dementor’s Kiss, Harry sees a distant figure cast a powerful stag-shaped Patronus that scatters the Dementors. Harry believes the mysterious figure is his dead father.

Harry passes out from the trauma, and awakens to find he is in Hogwarts and Sirius was captured. Acting on advice from Dumbledore, Hermione reveals that she possesses a time-turner that she has used all year to take multiple classes simultaneously. She and Harry travel back in time three hours, watching themselves repeat that night’s events. They free Buckbeak, and return to the Whomping Willow. As the Dementors descend to attack Black and his “other” self & prepare the Dementor’s Kiss from the previous events, Harry realises that he himself was the one to cast the Patronus, and rushes to do so to prevent his other self from experiencing the Dementor’s Kiss & remove his own existance. Harry and Hermione rescue Black, who escapes on Buckbeak. Lupin resigns the next day, knowing that parents will object to a werewolf teaching their children. Shortly after, Black sends Harry a Firebolt, the fastest racing broom ever made.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter dreams of an elderly man, Frank Bryce, who overhears Lord Voldemort discussing plans with Peter Pettigrew and Barty Crouch Jr. Bryce is then killed by Voldemort. The Quidditch World Cup allows Harry to take his mind off his nightmares until followers of Voldemort known as Death Eaters terrorise the spectators’ campsites after the match.

At Hogwarts, headmaster Albus Dumbledore introduces Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, unaware that Crouch Jr has subdued Moody and is using Polyjuice Potion to impersonate him. Dumbledore announces that the school will host the Triwizard Tournament, in which one wizard from each of the three magical schools competes in three challenges. The champions are selected by the Goblet of Fire, a magical cup into which the candidates’ names are placed. Cedric Diggory, a student from the House of Hufflepuff, is chosen to represent Hogwarts, Viktor Krum is chosen to represent Durmstrang Institute, and Fleur Delacour is selected to represent Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. The Goblet unexpectedly chooses a fourth champion: Harry. As Harry is underage and should have been ineligible to compete, Hogwarts teachers and students grow suspicious, and the feat drives Ron and Harry apart. The teachers want Dumbledore to pull Harry out of the tournament, but the four champions are bound by a magical contract and therefore Dumbledore has no choice and Harry must compete.

In their first Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson, the students learn of the three Unforgivable Curses. The Imperius Curse causes absence of free will, the Cruciatus Curse causes unbearable pain, and the final curse, Avada Kedavra, causes death.

For the first task of the Triwizard Tournament, each of the champions must retrieve a golden egg guarded by a dragon. Moody advises Harry to use his talent for flying to overcome the dragon. Harry enters the first task and summons his broomstick to retrieve the egg, which contains information about the second challenge. The students are soon informed of the Yule Ball, a Christmas Eve ball held during the Triwizard Tournament. Ron and Harry have trouble finding dates to the ball and when they find out that Hermione is attending with Viktor Krum, Ron becomes jealous.

In exchange for previous aid, Cedric Diggory provides Harry with a clue that prompts him to open the egg underwater. With help from Moaning Myrtle, he learns that the second task entails the retrieval of “something precious” to each of the competitors from the nearby Black Lake. While preparing for the task, Neville Longbottom provides Harry with Gillyweed, enabling him to breathe underwater. Harry is the first to arrive at the location, and finds Ron, Hermione, Cho Chang and Fleur’s sister, Gabrielle Delacour, in suspended animation. Finishing last after attempting to free Ron and Gabrielle Delacour, Harry is awarded second place for “outstanding moral fiber”.

Following an exchange with Moody, Ministry official Barty Crouch, Sr. is found dead by Harry shortly after the second task. While waiting in Dumbledore’s office, Harry’s curiosity leads him to look into Dumbledore’s pensieve, causing him to revisit one of Dumbledore’s memories. He witnesses a trial before the Wizengamot in which captured Death Eater Igor Karkaroff, the current headmaster of Durmstrang, denounces a number of Death Eaters, including both Severus Snape and Barty Crouch Jr. While Dumbledore vouches for Snape’s integrity, Crouch Sr. is horrified at this revelation and disowns his son, sending him to Azkaban. Upon returning to the present time, Dumbledore tells Harry that he is searching his memories for a clue as to why extraordinary events have taken place at Hogwarts since the start of the tournament.

In the Triwizard Tournament’s third and final task, the competitors are placed inside a hedge maze; their challenge is to reach the Triwizard Cup. Viktor Krum, acting under the Imperius curse, incapacitates Fleur Delacour and attempts to do the same to Cedric Diggory. Harry stops Cedric from attacking Krum, and the two run for the cup. When Cedric is trapped by vines, Harry frees him and the two claim a draw and grab hold of the cup together.

The cup, which is a Portkey, transports the two champions to a graveyard where Peter Pettigrew and Voldemort are waiting for Harry. Pettigrew murders Cedric and traps Harry. Pettigrew performs a ritual that rejuvenates Voldemort, who then summons the Death Eaters (which includes Draco’s father, Lucius Malfoy) and bids them to witness a duel between their Dark Lord and his nemesis. As Harry, who is tortured by Voldemort, fights him, a connection called Priori Incantatem occurs between their wands. Harry’s wand forces Voldemort’s to disgorge the spirits of the people Voldemort has most recently murdered, including Harry’s parents, Frank Bryce and Cedric. Harry is briefly protected by the spirits and escapes with Cedric’s body using the cup.

Upon his return, Harry tells Dumbledore and Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge that Voldemort has returned and is responsible for Cedric’s death. Moody leads Harry back to the castle, where his questions make Harry suspicious. Upon the arrival of Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall, the false Moody’s Polyjuice Potion wears off and he is revealed as Barty Crouch Junior, the person who placed Harry’s name into the Goblet. The real Moody is found imprisoned in a magical trunk. As the representatives from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons depart, Dumbledore exhorts them to stand together against Voldemort.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry is shown bleeding in front of the Ministry of Magic, which took place after the second to last scene of the previous film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Lord Voldemort is tightening his grip on both the Wizarding and Muggle worlds and has chosen Draco Malfoy to carry out a secret mission. Severus Snape accepts Bellatrix Lestrange’s challenge to make an Unbreakable Vow with Draco’s mother, Narcissa, to protect Draco and fulfill the assignment if he fails.

Harry accompanies Albus Dumbledore to visit former potions professor Horace Slughorn, who has gone into hiding. Slughorn agrees to return to teach at Hogwarts as Dumbledore tells Harry that Slughorn’s return to Hogwarts is crucial.

Leaving Fred and George’s new shop, Harry, Ron and Hermione notice Draco and Narcissa associating with Death Eaters in Borgin and Burkes. Harry believes Voldemort has made Draco a Death Eater, but Ron and Hermione are skeptical. On the Hogwarts Express, Harry spies on Draco, who hints to his friends that he does not plan to return to Hogwarts next year. Draco discovers Harry’s presence and immobilizes him, but Harry is rescued by Luna.

At Hogwarts, Harry and Ron are admitted to Slughorn’s potions class at the last minute and borrow the needed textbooks. The previous owner of Harry’s copy, the “Half-Blood Prince”, has annotated the book with additional instructions that allow Harry to excel in class. After making many spectacular saves as Keeper on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, Ron becomes a Gryffindor hero and forms a relationship with Lavender Brown, leaving Hermione heartbroken. Harry discovers Hermione sobbing in the Astronomy Tower and Harry reveals he has feelings for Ron’s sister, Ginny Weasley.

Harry spends Christmas with the Weasleys and becomes closer to Ginny. They almost share a kiss on Christmas Eve but Bellatrix and Fenrir Greyback, intent on capturing Harry, attack and burn the Burrow. Outnumbered, they abandon their attack as Order members Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin, together with Harry and the Weasleys, watch their home burn.

Suspecting that Draco is responsible for two attempts on Dumbledore’s life, one of which nearly kills Ron (who, in his recovering state, admits that he loves Hermione), Harry confronts him and severely wounds Draco with the Sectumsempra curse from the Half-Blood Prince’s book. Harry, shocked that the curse causes Draco’s chest to be sliced open, retreats as Severus Snape enters and heals Draco. Fearing the book may be filled with more Dark Magic, Ginny and Harry hide the book in the Room of Requirement and share their first kiss.

Dumbledore shows Harry memories of a young Tom Riddle and reveals that Slughorn retains a memory critical to Voldemort’s defeat. Harry retrieves the memory, learning that Voldemort wanted information for creating seven Horcruxes. The Horcrux safeguards a portion of the creator’s soul, granting him immortality unless the Horcrux is destroyed. Two of Voldemort’s Horcruxes have already been destroyed: Tom Riddle’s diary and Marvolo Gaunt’s ring. Touching the ring, Harry has a vision of Voldemort, which is noticed by Dumbledore. After discovering the possible location of another Horcrux, Dumbledore requests Harry’s help to retrieve it. They travel to a far-away cave where Harry is forced to make Dumbledore drink a mind-altering potion that hides the Horcrux, a locket. A weakened Dumbledore defends them from a horde of Inferi and apparates himself and Harry back to the Astronomy Tower at Hogwarts. In the meantime, Bellatrix, Greyback and several other Death Eaters enter the castle with Draco’s help.

Upon arriving at the tower, Dumbledore tells Harry to fetch Snape but as footsteps approach, he orders Harry to hide. Draco reveals that he has been chosen by Voldemort to kill Dumbledore, but he is unable to follow through. Snape arrives and casts the Avada Kedavra curse, killing Dumbledore. As Bellatrix casts the Dark Mark, Snape, Draco and the Death Eaters escape from the castle. Bellatrix destroys the Great Hall and sets fire to Hagrid’s hut as Harry attempts to stop them. Snape overpowers Harry and reveals that he is the Half-Blood Prince before escaping. Harry returns to the school to find the staff and students mourning Dumbledore. Together they destroy the Dark Mark to honour Dumbledore.

Harry later reveals to Ron and Hermione that the locket Horcrux was a fake. The locket contains a message from an “R.A.B.” to Voldemort stating that he has stolen the real Horcrux with the intent of destroying it. His dying wish is that when Voldemort meets his match he will be mortal once more. Rather than return for their final year at Hogwarts, Harry, Ron and Hermione vow to seek out who R.A.B. was and to find the remaining Horcruxes.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The Order of the Phoenix, a secret organisation founded by Albus Dumbledore, inform the fifteen-year-old Harry Potter that the Ministry of Magic is in denial of Lord Voldemort’s return; under the Ministry’s influence, The Daily Prophet has launched a smear campaign against Harry and Dumbledore due to Harry’s supposed encounter with Voldemort at the end of the previous year. This encounter has had a huge psychological effect on Harry – he has nightmares not only about what happened in the graveyard but also about the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry of Magic. While at the Order’s headquarters, 12 Grimmauld Place, Harry’s godfather, Sirius Black, mentions that Voldemort is after an object which he didn’t have last time.

Upon arrival at Hogwarts, Harry learns that Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge has appointed a new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor: Dolores Umbridge, a senior Ministry official who refuses to teach practical magic due to her belief that Dumbledore is forming a rebellion against the Ministry. Umbridge and Harry immediately clash, as she refuses to believe that Voldemort has returned and forces Harry to carve ‘I must not tell lies’ into the skin on the back of his hand. When Ron and Hermione notice these scars, they are outraged but Harry refuses to go to Dumbledore as he has distanced himself from him since the summer. As Umbridge’s control over the school increases, Ron and Hermione aid Harry in forming a secret group to train students in defensive spells, calling themselves “Dumbledore’s Army”. The Slytherin students are recruited by Umbridge to uncover the group. Meanwhile, Harry and Cho Chang develop romantic feelings for each other.

Harry has a vision involving an attack upon Arthur Weasley in the Department of Mysteries. Fearing Voldemort will exploit his connection to Harry, Dumbledore instructs Professor Snape to give Harry Occlumency lessons to block his mind from Voldemort’s influence. These lessons increase Harry’s psychological problems, as he is forced to relive everything bad that has ever happened to him, especially Voldemort’s return. This connection between Harry and Voldemort leads Harry to distance himself from everyone, and he pushes not only Ron and Hermione but Ginny, Neville, the Weasley twins and Luna away, as he feels “so angry all the time”. Bellatrix Lestrange, Sirius’ deranged cousin, escapes from Azkaban along with nine other Death Eaters. At Hogwarts, Umbridge and her Inquisitorial Squad uncover Dumbledore’s Army after illegally interrogating Cho with Veritaserum. Dumbledore covers up for Harry, but escapes as Fudge orders his arrest. With Dumbledore gone, Umbridge becomes the new Headmistress. Harry’s relationship with Cho falls apart.

During an exam, the Weasley twins revolt and set off fireworks in the Great Hall, causing chaos for Umbridge. During this event, Harry has a vision of Sirius being tortured by Voldemort within the Department of Mysteries. Harry, Ron and Hermione rush to Umbridge’s fireplace to alert the Order via the Floo Network, but Umbridge stops them before they can do so. When she threatens to use the Cruciatus Curse to get information out of Harry about the trio’s intentions, Hermione deceives Umbridge into entering the Forbidden Forest in search for Dumbledore’s “secret weapon”. She and Harry lead her to the hiding place of Hagrid’s half-giant brother, Grawp, only to be confronted by centaurs who kidnap Umbridge after she attacks them. Harry, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Neville and Ginny fly to the Ministry of Magic on Thestrals in an attempt to save Sirius.

The six enter the Department of Mysteries where they uncover a prophecy involving Harry and Voldemort, the object Voldemort was after. However, they are ambushed by Death Eaters including Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange. Lucius reveals that Harry only saw a dream of Sirius being tortured; it was not an actual situation, rather a method to lure Harry into the Death Eater’s grasp. Lucius attempts to persuade Harry to give him the prophecy, telling him it will reveal why Voldemort tried to kill him when he was an infant. Harry refuses and a fight between Dumbledore’s Army and the Death Eaters ensues. The Death Eaters take everyone except Harry as hostages, threatening to kill them if he does not surrender the prophecy. Harry obliges just as Sirius and Remus Lupin arrive with Order members Nymphadora Tonks, Kingsley Shacklebolt and Alastor Moody. They attack the Death Eaters and Lucius Malfoy drops the prophecy, destroying it. Harry and Sirius duel Lucius Malfoy. Just as Sirius defeats Lucius, Bellatrix kills Sirius. Harry corners Bellatrix in the Atrium and attempts to torture her with the Cruciatus Curse, but to little avail. Voldemort appears, but Dumbledore arrives through the Floo Network moments before Voldemort can kill Harry.

A duel between Voldemort and Dumbledore ensues while Bellatrix escapes. After the two prove evenly matched, Voldemort possesses Harry in order to try and get Dumbledore to sacrifice Harry in the hope of killing him, but the love Harry feels for his friends and Sirius makes it impossible for Voldemort to remain in his body. Ministry officials arrive before Voldemort disapparates; Fudge is forced to admit that Voldemort has returned and resigns as Minister. Dumbledore returns as headmaster of Hogwarts after he and Harry are vindicated. Dumbledore explains that he distanced himself from Harry all year hoping it would lessen the risk of Voldemort using their connection. Harry comes to terms with the prophecy; he or Voldemort are destined to kill the other in the end.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1

Minister Rufus Scrimgeour addresses the wizarding media stating that the Ministry of Magic will remain strong as Lord Voldemort gains power throughout the wizarding and Muggle worlds. Severus Snape arrives at Malfoy Manor to inform Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters of Harry’s departure from No. 4 Privet Drive. Voldemort commandeers Lucius Malfoy’s wand, as Voldemort’s own wand cannot be used to kill Harry since their wands are “twins”.

Meanwhile, the Order of the Phoenix arrive at Privet Drive and escort Harry to safety using Polyjuice Potion to create six decoy Harrys. During their flight to the Burrow, they are ambushed by Death Eaters, who kill Mad-Eye Moody and Hedwig. They arrive at the Burrow where Harry has a vision of Ollivander being tormented by Voldemort, who claims that the wand-maker had lied to him by informing him of the only way to kill Harry: obtaining another’s wand.

Scrimgeour arrives at the Burrow and distributes items from Albus Dumbledore’s will to Ron, Hermione and Harry. Ron receives Dumbledore’s Deluminator, Hermione, The Tales of Beedle the Bard, and Harry the first Golden Snitch that he ever caught. Scrimgeour reveals that Harry was willed the Sword of Godric Gryffindor, but explains that the sword was not Dumblefore’s to give away and, in any case, is missing.

Later, the wedding of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour is disrupted by Death Eaters, who have assassinated Scrimgeour and taken control of the Ministry, using its authority to persecute Muggle-born witches and wizards. The trio disapparate to London and find sanctuary at No. 12 Grimmauld Place. There they discover that the “R.A.B.” from the false Horcrux locket is Regulus Arcturus Black, the younger brother of Sirius Black. From Kreacher, the Black’s house-elf, they learn that Mundungus Fletcher stole the real locket. Kreacher and Dobby apprehend Fletcher, who reveals that the locket is in the possession of Dolores Umbridge. Under the disguise of Polyjuice Potion, the trio infiltrate the Ministry and successfully retrieve the locket. The trio escape into the Forest of Dean after accidentally revealing the location of No. 12 Grimmauld Place to Yaxley.

Unable to destroy the Horcrux, they take turns wearing it in order to dilute its malignant power. Harry sees a vision of Voldemort interrogating Gregorovitch, a renowned wand-maker who claims that a teenage boy had once stolen the legendary Elder Wand from his shop. While Ron wears the locket, he is overcome with the suspicion that Harry and Hermione are falling in love, and abandons the two in the wilderness. Harry and Hermione visit Godric’s Hollow where they visit Harry’s parent’s graves. They visit the home of Bathilda Bagshot, who may have the Sword of Gryffindor which they believe can destroy Horcruxes. However, they are instead cornered by Voldemort’s snake, Nagini. Harry’s wand is broken. They escape Godric’s Hollow and into the wilderness, where Hermione identifies the mysterious thief seen in Harry’s vision as Gellert Grindelwald.

When evening falls, Harry sees a doe patronus which leads him to a frozen pond. Gryffindor’s sword is beneath the ice. Harry enters the pool through the ice to reach the sword. The locket around his neck attempts to strangle him, but Ron arrives to rescue Harry. Ron eventually overcomes the locket’s power, smashing it with the sword.

The trio then visit Xenophilius Lovegood to learn about a symbol seen several times on their journey. They learn that the symbol represents the quest for the Deathly Hallows: the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone and the Cloak of Invisibility. Lovegood betrays them to the Death Eaters in an effort to have his kidnapped daughter returned. Harry envisions Voldemort learning from Grindelwald that the Elder Wand lies with Dumbledore.

The trio escape into the wilderness once more, where they are captured by Snatchers and taken to Malfoy Manor. Bellatrix Lestrange imprisons Harry and Ron in a cellar in which they discover Luna, Ollivander, and Griphook the goblin. Bellatrix tortures Hermione for information on how they got the sword, which Bellatrix believed to be in her vault at Gringotts. After Dobby apparates to save them, a short battle ensues, and Harry duels and disarms Draco. Dobby is killed by Bellatrix as the protagonists escape. Meanwhile, Voldemort breaks into Dumbledore’s tomb and takes the Elder Wand.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2

As Lord Voldemort retrieves the Elder Wand from Albus Dumbledore’s tomb, Severus Snape has become Hogwarts’ headmaster. Meanwhile, after burying Dobby, Harry Potter speaks with the goblin Griphook about breaking into Bellatrix Lestrange’s vault at Gringotts bank, suspecting that a Horcrux may be hidden there. Griphook agrees to take Harry, Ron, and Hermione to the vault in exchange for the Sword of Gryffindor. Harry asks Ollivander, the wandmaker, to identify two wands they took from Malfoy Manor. Ollivander says they belonged to Bellatrix and Draco Malfoy, but Malfoy’s wand has changed its allegiance to Harry.

Under the disguise of Polyjuice potion, the trio break into Bellatrix’s vault at Gringotts. In the vault, Harry discovers that the Horcrux is Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup. He obtains the cup, but Griphook takes the sword and abandons the trio, leaving them to face the alerted security. The three release the dragon guardian and flee. Harry has a vision of Voldemort furiously killing goblins, including Griphook, after learning of the theft and the realization that Harry knows about his Horcruxes. Harry also learns there is a Horcrux at Hogwarts related to Rowena Ravenclaw, the founder of Ravenclaw House. The trio apparate into Hogsmeade, which sets off caterwauling alarms. Rescued by Aberforth Dumbledore, the trio are reunited with Neville Longbottom, who leads the trio through a secret passageway into Hogwarts. In the Room of Requirement, the trio are reunited with Dumbledore’s Army and request their help to find Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem.

Snape hears of Harry’s return and informs staff and students of the severe punishment for aiding Harry. Harry confronts Snape about Dumbledore’s death, and Minerva McGonagall challenges Snape to a duel. Snape flees and McGonagall gathers the community of Hogwarts to prepare for battle. Harry speaks to Helena Ravenclaw’s ghost, who reveals that Voldemort performed “dark magic” on her mother’s diadem, which is in the Room of Requirement. Ron and Hermione go to the Chamber of Secrets, where Hermione destroys Helga Hufflepuff’s Cup with a Basilisk fang, after which Ron and Hermione share their first kiss. In the Room of Requirement, Draco Malfoy, Gregory Goyle and Blaise Zabini attack Harry, but Ron and Hermione intervene. Goyle casts a Fiendfyre curse but perishes, however, Malfoy and Blaise are saved by the trio before destroying the Ravenclaw diadem.

Meanwhile, Voldemort comes to realize that Harry is seeking and destroying his Horcruxes, leading the Death Eaters to attack Hogwarts to destroy Harry. As the school is under siege, Harry, again looks into Voldemort’s mind, to locate him and his snake, Nagini, which he realizes is the final Horcrux. Entering the boathouse, the trio witness Voldemort telling Snape that since Dumbledore was the Elder Wand’s previous owner and Snape killed Dumbledore, the Elder Wand cannot properly serve him until Snape dies, and has Nagini murder Snape. Before dying, Snape tells Harry to take his memories to the Pensieve. Fred, Lupin, and Tonks are killed in the battle.

From watching Snape’s memories in the Pensieve, Harry learns that Snape was a childhood friend of his mother Lily at a young age, and that he had loved her his whole life. Following her death, Snape agreed with Dumbledore to protect Harry from Voldemort out of his love for Lily. Harry also learns that Dumbledore’s death at Snape’s hands was planned between them as Dumbledore was already dying due to a curse inflicted on him when he put the second horcrux, the Resurrection stone inset into Voldemort’s family ring, on his finger. Finally, Harry learns that the night his parents died a piece of Voldemort’s soul latched onto Harry and that for Voldemort to die, Harry must die as well at Voldemort’s hand.

After a tearful goodbye to Ron and Hermione, Harry goes to die at the hands of Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest after being comforted by the appearance of his parents, Sirius, and Remus from the Resurrection Stone which was hidden in the Golden Snitch. Voldemort casts the Killing Curse on Harry, killing him and finds himself in a strange limbo where Dumbledore’s spirit meets him and explains that the part of Voldemort within Harry was killed by Voldemort’s own curse. Harry decides to return to his body to face Voldemort for the final time.

Voldemort announces Harry’s death to everyone at Hogwarts, and that anyone who defies him will be killed. As Neville gives a speech, Harry reveals that he is alive. Neville draws forth the Sword of Gryffindor from the Sorting Hat. Harry engages Voldemort in a duel. Neville decapitates Nagini, rendering Voldemort mortal. The Malfoy family flees Hogwarts. Bellatrix duels Ginny Weasley but her mother Molly Weasley steps in and kills Bellatrix. Meanwhile, Harry and Voldemort continue to fight. Voldemort casts his final Killing Curse at Harry, but the curse rebounds and goes back into his arm, turning it black and killing him and Harry disarms him with Expelliarmus and takes the wand. Voldemort’s body begins to turn to ash, dead once and for all. Harry is joined by Hermione and Ron, and Harry explains that the Elder Wand had recognized him as its master because he had disarmed (snatched from his hands after a brief struggle) Draco at Malfoy Manor, who in turn had disarmed its previous owner, Dumbledore the night Snape killed him. Harry snaps it, rejecting its power. Harry, Hermione, and Ron grab each other’s hands, making this the final appearance of Hogwarts.

Nineteen years later, Harry and Ginny Potter, along with Ron and Hermione Weasley, watch proudly as their children leave for Hogwarts, creating a new generation of wizards. All is well.