Why you should not apply for One Hour Pay Day Loans

One hour payday loans are quick cash which could be availed at several banks worldwide, online or offline. Cardholders who benefit from such could withdraw from ATMs and some could get it personally at banks. These kinds of fast cash loans are served with a fee depending on the amount of loan you wish to apply for. This type of loan is helpful yet unadvisable to you especially when you earn a small income. There are numbers of people who have already been a victim of one hour payday loan and have suffered from debt for the rest of their lives. Below are some of the disadvantages of applying in such loan.

One Hour Payday Loan Companies Charge High Fees

Not only are the interest rates of a one hour pay day loan are high but also the processing fees and other charges too. Fast cash loans interest rates ranges from 30 percent to 150 percent of the amount loaned. That is, if you wished to borrow 75,000 dollars multiplied by, say 50 percent, you’ll have to expect that you will only withdraw a total of 37,500 dollars or pay the interest on or before your due date. So, if you earn an income of less than 75,000 dollars a month, you’ll probably be losing too much. They have also lots of agreements to be signed and because you will only be given a short time to borrow the cash and you will not be required to submit a collateral, more fees will be charged.

“Short term” Loans Allows you to pay for a Maximum of 21 days


One hour payday loans as it is described as a short term loan has only 14 days to 21 days for repayment date. If you are a businessman, this is really not so advisable because you write your cash flow and income statement in a one-month basis if not quarterly basis. Fast cash loans will only lead you to miserable debt. Instead of earning for your business, you end up losing more than your profit.


Full Payment is a Must on or before Due Date


Unlike other types of loans, one hour pay day loans will give you headaches. Because you have only a short time to earn for the payment, you will be pressured and stressed thinking of where to get your payment. Your fast cash loan will be like a nightmare to you when the cash you expect to use to pay it will suddenly be out of nowhere. Maybe, you expected to collect that certain amount from someone who owes you. What if he suddenly appeared and tells you he doesn’t have the money because he used it in an emergency he is responsible at? You will totally be forced to withdraw your remaining savings or worst, borrow again to a one hour payday loan lender you know.
You Will possibly be Harassed until you Pay in Full

Your one hour payday loan has solved you first problem. You have paid emergency bills, and brought necessary household equipment  But, you cannot pay before due date so you have to tell your fast cash loan lender. You will then start to receive harassing calls and your record as a borrower will be in bad situation. The one hour payday loan company may leak that record to other lenders and you will be blocked. So, you did not only end up having a surprisingly high debt, but also a miserable life answering those calls and explaining yourself around other people.
Most of government employees around the world are prone to failing in good financial management because of one hour payday loans. Some businesses also went bankrupt and end up selling their investments to pay for their fast cash loans. Others fall to depression for losing their businesses. So, in order to be debt-free, you should try your best not to avail of such loans for you will only regret it in the future. There may be lists of advantages for applying for one hour payday loans and numbers of reasons to do such but remember that when you borrow fast cash, you have to be ready to face these consequences too.

Author: Charlyn June F. Lidua

Things to Consider Before Applying for One Hour Unsecured Personal Loans

Our economy has affected the people much with the taxes getting high, raising prices of goods, rapid growth of unemployment rate, and many other reasons. With this situation, the businesses offering one hour personal loans have boosted. They have attracted several business owners and government workers. Their strategy of serving quick cash loans is their number one asset. Many of their borrowers are not considering the consequences of doing so and could not refrain availing for these services.

One hour personal loans has already reached the modern technology and even marketing their services online. In this manner, more and more people are risking their income by applying in this quick cash loans. Unexpected bills such as car repair, hospitalization fees, and additional tuition fees could be your number one reason in seeking for one hour personal loan service. Your income may not be enough to handle such emergency financial needs. We have gathered you some things to consider before applying for an unsecured personal loan.

1. Your personal information will not be provided security including your house and car when you apply for quick cash loans. Your creditor will have the right to search for all of your credit history running down databases and checking your credit rating. So, it is always best to check your credit report before applying for such an unsecured personal loan so that you will know if what creditor you are qualified to apply to.
2. The interest of an unsecured quick cash loan in not deducted with tax. If you want a loan that is tax deductible, you better apply for other loans. One thing more, the interest rate of this kind of loan is much way higher than the other types of loans offered.
3. There are three C’s also to be considered by your lender before your application will be granted. These are your:
• Character (What kind of a person are you?)
• Capacity (What can you afford); and
• Credit (How well do you meet your financial obligations?)

4. Personal loans are costly so you have to have a reliable source of income to pay for it before your day of repayment. If you fail to pay this, your car or house may be endangered and repossessed by your lender. That would be a great loss.

5. Try to have a research on quick cash loan lending companies. A bank may offer lower interest rates and charges than a loaning agency.

6. Before you ask a quick cash lending company for an application, you have to make sure that you really need the money. Do you have no other alternatives like a family member who can lend you in a lower interest rate?

7. Check your budget too. Try to list everything that you spend your salary with. Rank them to the most priority and try eliminating things which are not really useful to you. You may not have a facial this month, or may not visit the gym for a while, or try to do some household chores you can handle and give your housekeeper a month vacation. Sum up what is you can save and see if it cannot still provide what you need.


Being the master of your income, you have to be the wisest man on earth to well-manage it. Organize things accordingly. Create a monthly budget and check your spending habits. If your income is low, then you should probably spend less. Consider that availing for an unsecured personal loan is like solving a major problem which needs a proper decision-making.

Author: Charlyn June F. Lidua

Why Choose a No Teletrack Payday Loan Lender

There are numbers of fast payday loan lending companies which could be found online. One of these are lending agencies offering no teletrack payday loans which does not need to track your credit records unlike the unsecured payday loan. You have to be wise in selecting your lender and here reasons why you should choose companies offering no telecheck payday loans.

1. No faxing required. When you say no faxing, only the most important detail about a borrower is gathered like for example the complete name, address, mobile phone, billing information, bank account and others. You do not need to scan important documents such as banking transactions, certifications, etc. You will only be required to submit documents which do not require a fax machine before your payday loan will be approved.

2. Direct deposit of money. Once your application for the payday loan is approved, they will deposit your borrowed amount directly to your bank account. And during repayment period, you need not to pay your loan personally. The company will be sending you their online payment system such as credit card system or PayPal where you can directly send your payment or they will be the one to withdraw the same amount. You do not need to be bothered as to when is the repayment date for the payday loan but, your bank account will not be 100 percent secured and you need to make some necessary actions after the transaction is finished. In that manner, you will see to it that after paying your quick cash loan, no one can withdraw from your account aside from you.

3. Bad creditors are served with no teletrack payday loans. Even if you have a previous bad credit history, the company can give you the privilege to apply for this type of loan. They have their own way of handling this situation. When you apply for a quick cash loan, they base their approval on the amount of loan you are applying for, if how much you are willing to pay, and how much will they earn, of course. Meaning, this type of loan is definitely more costly than the other loans.

4. There are qualified borrowers. No teletrack payday loans may require you less information but they have a requirement for each borrower. You have to:

• Have a personal bank account;
• Have a fixed income (meaning you have a permanent job or an established business);and
• You should be of legal age, of course
As to the personal bank, quick cash loans are directly deposited to your bank accounts so whether you like it or not, you should provide them with the information. A fixed income in required to have a higher surety for the no teletrack payday loan to be paid.
Availing for faxless or no telecheck payday loans are much easier as you have read it. It gives you lesser time to apply, needs lesser documents to be submitted and lesser effort but, the lesser the effort the lesser the security for your financial account. If you have not paid your repayment too, you will be burying yourself to a terrible debt. Your interest will multiply as long as you settle your quick cash loan. You need to have a fixed income in order to avail of the service and if you are disabled, they may find a way to make things easier for you. They will do this by asking you of your current assets wherein you will no longer be applying for a no teletrack type of payday loan. Therefore, it is still best to check for types of loans where you will be secured, your account secured, and you can establish a two-way trust relationship with your lender.

Author: Charlyn June F. Lidua

Top Stories from One-Hour Payday Loan Customers

Availing of fast cash payday loans is a lot of help to people who are very much in need of cash in a short period of time. You may have no other alternatives to fulfill your financial needs and have a short span of time to look for other types of lending agencies which could offer you other kinds of loans aside from quick cash loans. Because we want to help you realize that availing of these loans are inadvisable and too much costly, we have gathered here stories from people who have experienced how hard it is to be trapped in a debt they never imagined to become traumatic.

1. These loans are for people who have low income. Most earners who receive more do not need to apply for such loans because they have their savings account where they could withdraw amounts of money they need in times of emergencies. One customer has applied to a quick cash payday loan because he needed to fix his house that was damaged by natural calamity. He is earning less than 15,000 dollars a month and he applied for a one hour payday loan which has an interest rate of 400% a year. He has failed to pay this on the due date which has caused him to have more liabilities. He has suffered from his quick cash payday loan for more than ten years and has paid more interest than what he has borrowed.

2. Beware of one hour payday loan scams. Several clients have already been victims of scams from quick cash loan lending companies. Here are some ways to check of the agency is not a scam.
• No upfront payment – Of course you will be applying for a fast cash payday loan because you need that amount of money immediately. You will then be surprised if you will be required to deposit any upfront payment. Upfront payments are fees to be paid in advance like payment of say 5% of the loan amount aside from the interest rate and other charges. Remember, most scams really ask for upfront payment so once you encounter such, be warned and think twice.
• Spam emails – Legit payday loan companies do not send spam messages to e-mails. They publish their advertisements to reputable websites and wait for you to go directly to their page and personally send your queries. Availing of one hour payday loans directly to the company responsible is a great suggestion.
• Do research – Be patient in searching for top agencies which offers quick cash payday loans. Join forums of customers who have already availed of their services. Of course, the agency will not publish negative comments about them so you will just see positive reviews. Try to find the customer’s personal e-mails and send them private messages to ask more information about the services of that company you wish to apply your fast cash payday loan to.
• Try to apply for other online financial companies who could help you transact with the lending agency. It is advisable for you to have a PayPal account or Western Union branch in the place exclusively for your payday loan transactions. You will not be dealing with your legit lending company face to face so you better not give your banking information to avoid hackers.

3. Another story involves a borrower who trusted a lending agency and gave his personal banking information for the purpose of his fast cash payday loan. The company asked for an upfront payment of 12% of his loan amount which is huge. The customer, who is much in need of cash did not hesitate and gave the upfront payment. Later, he found out that the agency has once been sued for offering a scam quick cash loan business. He filed another complaint and ended unpaid.
It is true that one hour payday loans offer help to people who use it but we could see that there are more consequences that the benefits. Let us learn from these stories and try not to be one of them.

Author: Charlyn June F. Lidua

Top 10 Companies Offering Legit Payday Loans

The internet industry has brought billions of online users. Some are entrepreneurs trying to boost their business by going online like online payday loan agencies. Some are clients trying to search everything on the internet instead of going personally to a company’s building. Because of these, lending companies have gained more and more customers. Still, scams are out of control because several people are still directed to untrustworthy payday loan lending sites. We have listed you top ten leading companies offering legit services on one hour payday loans.
1. Cash Central.com
Cashcentral offers a one day quick cash payday loan with a fee of 18 dollars for every 100 dollars. It is a legally registered agency with a total of 20 years in the service for lending fast cash loans. This lending company has a page for customer reviews and has gained thousands of views from them. They also offer a 24/7 service so you can contact them for emergency anytime of the day seven days a week.

2. Checkcity.com

This fast cash payday loan lending company requires 17 dollar fee for every 100 dollar. You get your quick cash on the next day and this is a no telecheck lending agency which has already reached 65 branches. They offer services such as:
• Cash Advance
• Check Cashing
• Installment Loans
• Installment Title Loans
• Title Loans
• Free Money Orders
• Netspend Prepaid
• Prepaid Phone Cards
• Gold Buying
• Money Transfers
• Insurance
• Mortgages
• Tax Services
• Payday Loans
3. Cashone.com
This is a one hour payday loan lending agency which offers a no teletrack service. It has its own website which contains page for positive feedbacks and a separate page for clients to raise their complaints. They have also integrated a loan calculator software wherein you can personally compute how much cash you could avail for your quick cash payday loan. You may use their page for schedule of fees. They have explained in detail how you will compute your own loan amount by using the formula given.
4. Paydayloantoday.com
This is another direct payday loan lending company offering one day quick cash loans. Here are some requirements to qualify for their service:
• A minimum monthly income of 1000 dollars
• Have no more than two outstanding payday loans
• A permanent employee
• Have payroll direct deposit in checking account
5. Checkngo.com
A total of 25 dollars for every 100 dollars is charged for checkngo’s fast payday loan services. It also serves other services such as Installment Loans, Cash Advance, Title Loans, and others. It has installed an online security system which ensures users full security in all information they share with the lending company

6. Speedycash.com
Speedycash is a fast and direct payday loan company offering several other types of loans. It requires 25 dollars of fee for every 100 dollars and is a no telechecking fast cash advance loan agency. It is envisioned to grow to up to 250 stores in the US, Canada, and UK.

7. Qloot.com
This quick cash payday loan agency is offering their service with a total of 25 dollars for every 100 dollars. They are affiliated with DMA Financial Corporation for security purposes on all information a customer will provide. There is a page in their website where you could read all the terms and what information you are entitled to limit.

8. Delawarefastcash.com
Delawarefastcash is serving one hour payday loan in cash. It requires a 30 dollar for every 100 dollar loan and is a no teletrack lending agency.

9. Paydayone.com
You can avail of a quick cash payday loan at Paydayone in 24 hours. The fee is up to 30 dollars for every 100 dollar. They provide 24/7 service wherein you can login to your account and check your balance anytime you want.

10. Cashnetusa.com
Cashnetusa, as a direct payday loan lender is client friendly. It has a 24/7 live chat and forum. It also offers referral earnings and you could get up to 25 dollars per referral who applied for a loan.
With the growing number of lending industries offering one hour payday loans, you got be wiser than your lender. These lists are just sorted out from research and most visited payday loan websites.

Author: Charlyn June F. Lidua