I have always had a passion for writing. I have written since my elementary grades (when I was 10 years old). I wrote about fairy tales that time, made my classmates borrow my notebooks and read my stories. I will swap my story with any book they could offer me or they’ll just read it for free.

I entered journalism when I was in my freshmen years in high school until I graduated senior high garnering the “Budding Journalist of the Year” award.

My college days were a little bit tough, got me a computer programming course, and graduated with the “Writer of the Year” award (aside from other academic awards) then bingo! I am now blogging…

I couldn’t really imagine how God always find ways for people to achieve their dreams. We could hate something and end up loving it because our future really lies on that SOMETHING. My SOMETHING now is WRITING ONLINE (passion for writing + computer skill).

This site now will contain anything I write about everything under the sun… ENJOY!

Kindly visit also the sites enumerated under MY PORTFOLIO. I don’t just manage the web development but I also write articles regarding the recent municipal events.


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