Here are some of the best things to learn and see on a computer.

MICROSOFT OFFICE. Microsoft office is where you create every document. Application Letters, Resume, Bio-Data, and other plain text documents through Microsoft Word; Housekeeping (Budgeting), Charts and Diagrams, and other worksheets through Microsoft Excel; Slide Presentation, Picture Slideshows with captions, and other simple flash documents through Microsoft Powerpoint; Invitation cards, Birthday greeting cards, Get well soon cards, Business Flyers, Publications, Simple Product Catalog, Labels and other interesting graphic documents through Microsoft Publisher. These software comes free with every purchase of a complete set of computer. A basic tutorial course regarding these services will be enough for you to start loving its advantage. Microsoft Office doesn’t only serve office workers, teachers and students. It could also be a great help to business establishments and to housewives and househusbands.

WINDOWS MOVIEMAKER. Moviemaker is also a free software packaged with any windows Operating System. It is a software wherein you can create your own movie through your collection of photos. You can add captions and an audio background to make your video more exciting. You can also edit your personal video collections here and add titles and credits. Try exploring this software and you will really find it very interesting to learn and share with your classmates, friends and relatives.


YAHOOMAIL AND GMAIL. This is a free internet mailing service wherein you can communicate with your friends, and relatives through the internet. You can send them messages, and when they are online, they could respond immediately. You could also attach documents for up to 25MB in size.

GOOGLE Search Engine. Everybody loves Google. You know why? You just type in any word in the search box and all the indexed websites that talk about it will be listed. It is up to you to choose what is best for what you need. This is very much helpful to students who are having research works. For example, you type in “SCIENCE” in the box and hundreds of results will be listed. You search for a certain country and everything about the country appears even the map because Google has Google Maps. Another interesting thing about Google Maps is that you could view it via Satellite image or just the Normal View as seen in outlined drawings.


WORDPRESS. This is a content management system which could be used by more computer oriented persons. You could build your own free website here and manage it easily with less programming skills. You are good in writing? Why not build your own website and publish your articles online for everyone to read? You are not the only person who is looking for readers. Millions of people log in the internet just to read anything. The best thing about this is, they read and leave comments. Positive and negative comments to help you improve and do better. If you can not build your own website or blog, find someone you know who can do it. Students who graduated and are still studying at the XiJEN College of Mountain Province could be reliable regarding these kinds of problems. Or better, enroll a tutorial service and enjoy what you learn with the least possible money you could spend (spend less for a lifetime skill you could ever possess).

FLICKR. This is best for persons whose interest goes with pictures or photography. You could upload your photo collections here, add a caption and let everyone to view and leave a comment or you could keep it for yourself to view. You could also group your pictures like an album in a more organized manner in order for you and your viewers to navigate easily from one picture to another when needed.


WIKIPEDIA. The online free encyclopedia that covers accurate and up to date data. It also contains a collection of related links which will navigate you to the best web pages that suits your needs as a researcher.

FREE BOOKS. Wow! The internet also serves free books. If you are a book lover, you should enter this site and search for every wonderful book you want to read for free. You could read it on the computer or you could download its soft copy (as PDF) and print it if you want to read it on paper.

WORLD ATLAS. This is a website wherein you could download Continent Maps, Ocean Maps, and Countries of the World Maps for free.

So you see? The computer and the internet have lots of other services to enjoy. These are just some of those. We should not limit our knowledge about what we know and hear about the proper usage of these devices. Let us invite ourselves and use our spare time and discover lots of helpful materials we could find from it and share it to everyone. Computer gaming is not a crime, let it then be minimized in order for our children to concentrate on the best things a computer could give them in order for them to be more competitive in the computer industry and be a helpful Filipino citizen they could become.