Have you ever had the feeling of SUPER REGRET because of what you have done in your past? Of wishing you weren’t born that weak and TANGA to know every RIGHT WAY to manage your life… Of wishing you could turn back time and did ALL THE GOOD THINGS you know you could do to make everyone around you HAPPY… I am just wondering why people were born imperfect! I wish I was PERFECT! I wish I was someone who was born with positive views during my childhood days until now… I wish I didn’t do such MISTAKES! I wish GOD warned me… I wish I was that intelligent and knowledgeable… I wish I was so MATURED…. I HATE WHO I WAS BEFORE! IT RUINED MY LIFE! I feel like HANGING MY HEAD because of this feelings! But I am not who I was before… I am more matured NOW! I can now determine the RIGHTs and the WRONGs…. And I hate it thinking why I did not realize things earlier… So that I did not do SUCH BAD THINGS in my PAST! And just wishing NOW that time will go BACK… I want to FIX my MESS! I don’t want such feelings of REGRET! I thought by being GOOD TODAY will erase those PAST! But it really can’t…………… I’m totally RUINED! It’s because of my OWN doing! Why do I have to be so BAD IN MY PAST!? OH, LORD of LORDS………. I don’t want to be that stupid! I didn’t like it……………….. How will I fix my PAST?