The Blogging World Helps…

… When You Could not Think Right

Woke up at 6am (late) which kept me rushing my household chores to get done before I would be late for office (again).

November is really cold here in our place and I feel so lazy to do my works.

I arrived at the office at exactly 8am, thinking what to do first. My work mainly concentrates on website development. I manage the website design and content of our municipality’s website.

Today is Friday, and I don’t want to end the week thinking of all my works undone. It started this way. I have already programmed my activities for this week only to find out that the first two days (Monday and Tuesday) will be my rest day. I say MY rest day because there was a power interruption. They have to recheck old posts and replace them with new ones. All I have to do to utilize the day was to clean the office and do other clerical jobs my boss asks me to. Though, those two days worth a day of work, I am still worried about the website issues which I could have finished if only there haven’t power interruptions. Today, I am really bothered. My schedule was totally messed up. Now, I don’t know how to cope up with it.

I, then decided to visit my blog, because it is what I do when I am worried with something. I check new things inside the blogging world and read out all my worries until I feel okay again.

Now, I have finished reading six posts and I am totally relieved. I decided to share this experience just to express what I feel about the blogging thing. I can now start with my work, do things according to priority and reschedule undone tasks for next week.